“Automata are mechanical objects endowed with life by ingenious means.”

The House of Automata is a specialist automata company run by Michael and Maria Start,  award winning  Horologist and  skilled Sculptor and Painter respectively  We run a busy restoration workshop in Forres, Scotland assisted by Fine Arts graduate Hector.

We have in depth knowledge based on more than 25 years experience restoring and conserving automata both antique and modern.  

Our clients are many and varied and include collectors, auction houses, muBlack Forest Magicianseums and the media ( Automata consultant to Scorsese’s HUGO).

BUYING/SELLING – Automata and Mechanical Singing Birds.

HIRE –  We hire Automata and Horology to the film industry.

TALKS – We present a range of  talks & demonstrations.

EXHIBITIONS – With a large stock and an important collection of automata we mount interactive exhibitions and loan automata to museums and galleries.

VISIT  – Visitors are welcome by appointment and we also offer an Automata Experience & Workshop Tour at our Forres Premises.

ADVICE  – We are  happy to give advice on any automata question. Send us an email with pictures if you can.

A Short Film about The House of Automata – https://vimeo.com/221866719

Follow:  Instagram    Videos:   YouTube    Email:  magic@thehouseofautomata.com

This is the sound of an 18th century bird box by Jaquet Droz. The owner had never heard it sing until our restoration: