Magician Automaton

Magician with Four Surprises. Muller, Germany, c.1890, 77cm tall. An impressive large clockwork automaton from the Golden Age period of automata making, Rare German automaton with distinctive features from this relatively little know maker. In fine condition with his original silk costume and waistcoat. When wound the Clown Magician taps his wand on the conical ‘cup’ and then lift the cup to reveal one of four different object in turn. The action is positive and smooth as the well sculpted papier mache figure completes his magic. The automaton is well sculpted and has a distinctive confident character. Despite a relatively crudely constructed clockwork motor he performs his magic for over 20 minutes on one  winding which implies an original intention for shop window or advertising use. An opportunity to acquire a rare 19th century  all original magician automaton.

Price £8000