Marquis Smoker

“Marquis Smoker” Automaton by Leopold Lambert, Paris, c. 1885
With Jumeau bisque head stamped in red “Déposé Tête Jumeau, Bte. S.G.D.G. 4” and artist’s marks “XM”, open mouth, fixed brown paperweight eyes, light-brown feathered brows, pierced ears, original hand-tied curly mohair wig on cork pate, bisque hands holding lorgnette and cigarette-holder, going-barrel movement in the torso causing the Marquis to raise the cigarette to his lips three times, lift the lorgnette and tilt his head back to exhale the smoke (which is cycled from his right hand to his mouth via bellows) in a series of graceful motions, dressed in embroidered waistcoat and raspberry satin costume with restored elements, height 24 3/4 in. (63 cm) including the hat, with early Lambert key and stop/start button (hairline cracks on both hands,  cigarette-holder repaired). – A particularly handsome example of Lambert’s early Marquis Smoker in working order.

Price: £5,250