Bébe Rose Automaton

Museum Quality Bebe Rose Musical Automaton, c.1880 by Roullet & Decamps, Paris. With bisque head, open mouth, fixed brown eyes, brown hair wig, celluloid hands and original pink silk costume trimmed with ribbons, at the centre of fabric-covered papier-mache rose in basket, the open-spring motor playing one air and causing the heart of the flower to lift and the bebe to emerge throwing kisses, ht. open 10 in., with circular Decamps key.

This example of a particularly good Bébe Rose is entirely original with no replaced parts and is in fully functional condition. The leaves of the Rose are  fragile but stable with excellent colour and the general atmosphere of the piece is of romance and surprise as the little girl emerges from this particularly beautiful Rose.

Price: £5,450 including delivery UK/USA

Mechanical operation guaranteed for two years (UK only).

Video Here