BBC 360º The Strange Dolls that come to Life

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Our Workshop has become an Interactive Experience thanks to the latest technology from the BBC.  Use your mouse to scroll around our workshop and see us working, surrounded by moving Automata. Can you spot the Crocodile and do you know why it’s there?  BBC Reel The Strange Dolls that come to Life     

Automata Evening – London – SOLD OUT

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All tickets for this event are now Sold Out. The master of creative crazy contraptions Heath Robinson has a museum devoted to him and his work. It is located in Pinner on the outskirts of London (Pinner tube station) and Michael Start of The House of Automata is delighted to present a talk and demonstration on the 16th of August at 6.30pm. The event will include performances of rare antique automata and an insight into the weird & wonderful world of the objects and their owners, its going to be fab!  The event is followed by an opportunity to enjoy the Crafts Councils excellent automata exhibition ‘A Curious Turn’ ……. featuring modern automata.    –     For more information:  Heath Robinson Museum “Tell me about Automata” say’s Mr Moon.

Automata – perhaps the definitive history in one article.

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The following article sent to me courtesy of Steve and Jere Ryder from the Morris Museum in New Jersey. Home of the Guiness Collection of Automata. Click on “Read More” for the live link.

Spring (repair) is here

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On a large automaton of Little Tich, the 19th century music hall performer. The large mainspring was found to have its hole torn out from the barrel hooking. This is a fairly common repair, a result of ‘overwinding’. The secret to the repair is the process of softening the steel prior to punching and shaping a new hole. The new end will be curved to fit the shape of the barrel and then the spring cleaned and greased before fitting.  

Automatacon 2018

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We are excited to be attending the 2018 Automata Convention in Morristown, USA in May 18th-20th. The schedule is now live and on the Sunday at 1pm we will be presenting a talk on the importance of Automata in Films and the Media. There is a full and varied Schedule of fascinating presentations by experts and enthusiasts from around the world, all talking on our favourite subject … you got it… Automata! Check the website for more details and see you in Morristown in May!  

Satyr Head (Magicians Clockwork Prop) at Auction

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A Satyr Head Magicians prop made by us about 10 years ago and performed regularly on stage in the USA is coming up for sale at Potter & Potter auction in the USA on the 16th of December. It has traditional brass clockwork mechanism and produces cards from the mouth and the top of the head. We are not the sellers but  I hope it does well!    

The House of Automata – The Movie!

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A short film about The House of Automata by acclaimed Edinburgh photographer Euan Myles and ace film maker Jonnie Lewis (Trainspotting 2). They capture the magic and appeal of automata in this 6minute documentary film set in our North of Scotland workshop. (I never thought I would be skipping through the woods in the sunset clutching Bontems Singing birdcages!). Click HERE to view the film on vimeo.  

It’s Alive! Exhibition of Automata – Edinburgh

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Now finished. Stats for Exhibition: 60,000 Visitors to the exhibition and 1000 watching our live demo’s! IT’S ALIVE! MECHANICAL MARVELS ARE MOVING IN TO THE MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, in a free exhibition from the House of Automata (22 June – 18 September 2017).   It’s Alive! from the House of Automata will provide the first free, interactive and atmospheric display of these incredible examples of craftsmanship in Edinburgh with  special Automata performances throughout July, August & September. Open from the 22nd of June, this unique collection of mechanical marvels will include an amazing magician in faded silks, who keeps us guessing as he runs through his cups-and-balls routine; a dazzling acrobat based on a famous Moulin Rouge performer; and Heba, a beautiful harpist whose graceful hands strum her long-lost instrument. Fine automata such as these were made to entertain the fashionable elite of Paris in the late 1800s, and bring together the arts of the clockmaker, sculptor and couturier. ‘It’s Alive! Automata Performances Throughout July, August & September visitors will be able to see even more of the machines come to life, as Michael and Maria give demonstrations of the machines in action. These performances are not to be missed. Most Fridays at 2.00pm and Saturdays at 11.30am – check Edinburgh museum website for details.

Phantasmagoria poster

Phantasmagoria Show – August 2016

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An adventure in projection with many moving and mechanical slides projected in a grand drawing room. The animations date from 1820 and  accompaniment is by epic piano playing, the gramophone, music box and Theremin . This takes place in the Victorian seaside resort of Nairn (favoured by Charlie Chaplin) as part of theNairn Book and Arts Festival. Wednesday 31st August 2016 7pm and 8.30pm.