New Website

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The Classic House of Automata website, much loved and rich in content,  has now become a bit of a museum piece.

The new site aims to be less of a cluttered victorian mantelpiece and should be easier to navigate and explore.

Gone is that feeling of ‘falling down a rabbit hole’ and becoming disorientated in a mechanical wonderland  as soon as you click to enter.

Gone is the secretly embedded 18th century mechanical singing bird song composed by Haydn (probably).

On the principle that ‘less is more’ we are going to pack in so much ‘less’ you will wonder how we ever squeezed in ‘more’.

If you still want to explore the classic site it is available here The House of Automata

Many Thanks to Tony Boyce for crafting and maintaining the old site for a decade, and welcome to John Keiller who made the new site.

Your views on the new site are most welcome. Email