Secrets of Automata – Out now in UK – USA Release on 1st of July!

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‘A mechanical lightning flash on every page ‘ CLICK HERE for more information & to order

I wanted to let you know that your book arrived yesterday and I’ve been reading it almost non-stop–it’s revelatory (literally and figuratively!). The text is always clear and precise, the images are thrilling and the production of the book, from the creamy, heavy stock paper to the layout to the index and sources for further information, is first-rate all around“. J.F, New York.

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  1. Quite exciting! As an enthusiast from the United States, I’ve had my eyes on this work for a while now. There is nothing quite like the art of the old automatons; hopefully, with renewed passion from our current generations, we might propel further interest in the intricate, expressive, and hauntingly beautiful parts of human creation into the contemporary. All to say, I’ll be adding this to my cart.

    Books on this subject matter are few, but made by some very talented people with much passion for the subject. I’m grateful to at least be in a period where information like this is readily available. What a joy our world can be in its feast of knowledge and human expression.

    Cheers to your work just through this website alone, the news updates, and keeping this art alive and well for the world to savour.


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