Rabbit in a Cabbage

Roullet and Decamps of Paris , circa 1890.

This musical automaton is always popular and good working examples rarely come on to the market..

The clockwork Rabbit rises up from the Lettuce when the start button is operated. The Rabbit then turns his head, chews franticly and raises his ears right up. The Rabbit then suddenly disappears back into the Cabbage as if startled.   This is a memorable and amusing character automaton and instantly cheers all who see it. An heirloom piece to charm the generations. Supplied in a presentation box.

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The clockwork mechanism has been correctly serviced and set up to operate for many more years. The tune played is delightful and suits the rabbits actions perfectly. The real fur covered rabbit has original whiskers and glass eyes. The rouched leaves show gentle fraying in places and some glue spots from the original hide glue on leaf edges, Marks and blemishes are not intrusive and are in keeping with the 130 years since it was made in the Marais district of Paris. The leaves are bright and unfaded and the automaton is wound by an original steel French bow key. Importantly both fur and leaves are entirely original and the automaton works perfectly.

The R&D catalogue entry illustrating this model and shown in the gallery dates from 1911.


Size: 11 inches high (29cm).

Price: £2200