Rabbit in a Cabbage

Rabbit in a Cabbage musical automaton made by Roullet and Decamps of Paris, circa 1910. The rabbit rises from the papier mache cabbage, raises his ears, leans over, chews franticly and then suddenly disappears back into the cabbage as if startled.

This Rabbit in a Cabbage has all the possible actions for this model including the lean over and the mouth chewing action.

The clockwork mechanism has been serviced, the fur covered rabbit has the original fur and the cabbage its original leaves in the correct shape for this iconic automaton.  Strangely amusing and instantly popular with all who see it. Complete with its original distinctive circular R&D key.


Size: 11 inches high (29cm).

£2000 (including postage to the UK)

The House of Automata guarantee this antique automaton’s working order for one year.