Flower Girl

Fine automaton doll of a Flower Seller. Circa 1890. Made in Paris by Lambert.

The clockwork motor is housed in the velvet covered base and drives a musical movement. Wound with a key the stop/start knob activates the automaton. The Girl wears a tasselled headress, earrings, silk dress and bodice and still with the original ‘black’ eye makeup of a travelling flower seller of the 19th century. The basket is full of red flowers and  foliage.

The movements are of the head and arms as the doll offer flowers and then the basket is lifted to reveal a tiny dancing doll underneath, which spins to and fro in a magical fashion.

The papier mache body has an original bisque porcelain head with pierced ears by Simon & Halbig (professionally repaired small crack at the back of the neck) a fine human hair wig and inset blue glass eyes.

Size: Figure 20″ tall, overall height with base 24″ (50cm x 60cm).

Price: SOLD