Automata Live! – Webcast

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We will be presenting a LIVE show this THURSDAY 4pm on Instagram and Facebook. Broadcast from the Attic of our workshop in the Highlands of Scotland. Michael and Maria will present 40 minutes of dramatic entertainment assisted by clockwork performers from the 19th century. Our cameras will be operated by Maud Start and quite possibly there will be sound effects and unexpected drama from her Baby Fred (7 weeks ) and Puppy Nelly. This is our Covid 19 virus Lockdown family group. We also have a large audience of virus resistant ventriloquist dummies to perform for and thousands of our great friends online LIVE! THURSDAY 4pm UK time, USA 8am in LA and 11am in New York.

On Instagram click on the face icon at the top of the page. We will be going live at 3.55pm for the 4pm show

On Facebook watch live at 4pm Thursday April 2nd and the show will stay on the feed for later viewing if you can’t make it then.

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