Singing Bird -Sold-

A French clockwork singing bird by Bontems of Paris, circa. 1910. Height 12 inches, the gilded cage containing a beautiful red and black feathered bird which turns its head and moves its tail and beak in perfect time with the song. The automaton has been mechanically restored and the bird re-feathered.
This Singing Bird is stamped on the base with its French origin, it has the original deep fire gilding on the brass with slight wear to brass on the high spots. The quality of the mechanism and the thorough restoration have given it a strong and perfect song. It will play continuously or intermittently with long pauses between each short phrase of birdsong, this allows for a magical effect where your guests will wonder where the song comes from.

Full mechanical guarantee for two years from date of purchase.
Price: SOLD contact for similar items

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