Made by Roullet & Decamps of Paris, c. 1890. Fur covered papier mache, wood and clockwork mechanism. Approx 45cm long. This automaton is one of the most popular and dramatic models by this famous maker. The papiermache body is covered in fur and the head is inset with glass eyes. Signs of previous repair to the tail, which seems to be a characteristic of all R&D Tigers! There is a story that Gaston Decamps modelled this Tiger on the example in Paris zoo, an old Tiger that rarely got up off the ground, hence Gastons estimate of the length of the legs was a little short of reality. The Tiger slowly crouches down until he …. leaps into the air, landing as much as two feet forward. Usually produces screams and an equal jump in the unsuspecting viewer! Guaranteed for two years. Price including shipping: £2500