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Drumming Bear – The Restorers on Quest TV

Michael Start General

We are on TV! – CLICK HERE TO VIEW    Restoration of a remarkable and rare 4 foot high  Drumming Bear by Roullet & Decamps.  The bear was a box of bits from a previous failed restoration. It had been covered in a layer of fibre glass which needed to be painstakingly chipped off. The fur was alive with insects and the drum was missing. We scoured the world for the drum and the only suitable replacement, right size, style and age was for sale in broken bits from a dealer in Los Angeles at $200!  Its a remarkable automaton and is the size of  small person. The YouTube clip in the link above shows the automaton bear segment, for the full show see ‘Salvage Hunters The Restorers’ (Season 3 Episode 2) on d-play………Drum roll please…..

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