Rocking Ship

This automaton features a soldier walking around the top of a tower and a windmill. The additional features are fiddly wood and wire constructions moved by an endless thread from a pulley on the end of the musical movement.

The threads must be the correct thickness and strength or they will slip or break. I use bookbinders fine twine, as used to stitch in the pages of a large book. It is probably a good match for the string originally used.

The knot should be a tight slip knot, once made and tested it can be slid up to the correct tension and then fixed with a spot of glue.

The Ship itself pitches and tosses on its crumpled paper sea, the effect is realistic because the ship is fixed to a wooden strip below the paper, causing the sea to be dragged up and down with its movement. The crumples in the paper sea fold and flatten respectively with the crests picked out with white paint and the hollows a deeper blue.

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