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“Automata are mechanical objects endowed with life by ingenious means.”

The House of Automata is a specialist automata company. We buy and sell, as well as restoring, advising on, and making automata to commission. Over the last 25 years, we have gained expertise in most types of antique & modern automata. Our clients include collectors, auction houses, media and museums. We hire and advise on automata and horology to the film industry. Passionate about our subject if you are selling, restoring or buying we can usually give good advice on any automata question.

The House of Automata is also a busy restoration workshop, visitors welcome by prior arrangement.

The House of Automata
Field of Dreams
Tel – (0)7790 719 097  / (0)1309 691 692  (Int Code 0044)

Michael and Maria

Michael Start (“Clockwork Guru” The Daily Express)is a trained Horologist and Automata Historian winning several awards for his practical and theoretical clockwork. In 1995, inspired by the legendary collector, Jack Donovan, Michael shifted his horological skills into the theatrical world of automata and mechanical life.

Maria Start is a trained sculptor and artist, specializing in perfect colour matching and replacement body parts, from a single finger to a complete head. Maria uses traditional techniques and materials, with authentic papier mache and gesso recipes where required.

Interest in automata is increasing. Cogs, Gears and Automata are often featured in popular culture, film and television, where they are appreciated for their aesthetic, their power and the uncanny feeling that if it moves ….. its alive!

Our website contains lots of information, pictures and videos. We also have a facebook page and Nancy, our 19th century life sized automaton of great beauty also has her own facebook page. We are happy to be contacted with any questions regarding automata.

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